Our Story
We met on July 9, 2010 at a Things to Do DC speed dating event at Ultra Bar in Washington, DC. I  was with a group of my PwC girlfriends and Zack was with a group of Palantir guys.  We actually didn't have a speed date with each other but met at the open bar portion of the event afterwards.  Our two groups merged and we continued the festivities at Fado Irish Pub in Chinatown. We had "a moment" and though Zack doesn't remember it, he gave me his card.  I followed protocol and waited patiently that next week for him to contact me, but he didn't!  So on my way back from a girls trip in Martha's Vineyard, I decided to just bite the bullet and be the first one to reach out. It paid off and after coordinating crazy schedules, we had our first real date on July 28, 2010 and have been happy together ever since.  

Zack claims that I left the speed dating night without giving him my contact information and that he was waiting for the event organizers to match us up.  (That would have been impossible since I didn't turn in the card.)  He tried to find me by contacting Things to Do DC, but they incorrectly informed him that he had no matches.  Little did they know, we had made the perfect match on our own and that it was the best $20.00 either of us has ever spent :)